Wednesday, February 27, 2008

James McCarthy

i was disappointed to have missed the performance but still i saw his work and was very impressed, i`m not sure if i was supposed to, and hope i cant be tracked down, but i even played it.hahaha nothing like interactive artwork. a supurb marriage of visual art and music.

The Dream of colour Music and the Machines that Made it Possible

The Brain Project Brain Project ;Stephan Jones

I saw Stephan Jones speak at the Auckland Art Gallery (with Friends of the Gallery, Roger Tabernaum) and found him to be one of the most inspiring speakers that I have heard for years. I now have a new perspective on video and the possibilities that video as an interactive medium for cyber communication and art have opened up.

what i think of computors

i think computors are reliable and extremely useful. the world of cyber space is an alternative fourth dimension. i hope one day cyber and human can meld as one