Monday, January 10, 2011


yes indeed finished bfa yay i think it has retarded my thinking as opposed to enhanced it...don`t know have never been that good at accepting institutional hierarchys and i did have an extremely shit year, how on earth do i manage to disentangle the emotion from the fact , i dont know. but when my brain has healed from its most recent frontal lobotomy perhaps it will all become clear! who needs drugs!
what a shit year! though the roses would like it huh, god is that what that means a good year for the roses? lots of fertiliser hahahaha oh my what to do hmmm would love to be going bush with my friend richie tomorrow but alas alack am writing a god damned nother proposal...its a funny thing really the idea of it looms far heavier than the reality ALWAYs and i do get this awfully fantastic sense of relief when it has finished...almost enlightenment but because it is so fleeting not quite ol oh shit another one; the finances ; sorting out of the bedroom ; culling the life and the mind mmmm and then i wonder what the fuck am i doing this for, what am doing this for, am i insane? why am i putting myself on somebody elses goddamned fucking line!!!!!!!!!!:( masochism ha...

knox`s church dunedin


photo`s of ark / grace