Thursday, May 15, 2008

a shildrens cartoon that wasnt allowed to be seen

i wasnt allowed by tso save this so here is the

adolf hitler speech using kinetic typography

the Plugz

hombre secreto

i believe this is the plugz but am not 100 percent sure... his voice is quite high...but maybe that was youth

pablo picasso was never called an asshole

from the soundtrack of repo man i thought it was a circle jerks song ,looked up
on wikipaedia which yes i know is not reliable and they said it was modern lovers covered by burning sensations
but no i believe it was this version in that thar movie

repo man iggy pop alex cox steve jones

times have certainly changed but it was a brilliant movie
especially liked the supermarket scenes where all the products
were white with blue labels..

iggy pop and peaches kick it aa

a propaganda film site i found while researching for my propaganda film

Wednesday, May 7, 2008