Sunday, March 9, 2008

takashi murakami

he is one of my favorite artists at the moment, i read; Little Boy the Arts of Japans Exploding Sub-Culture and was sold on Takashi Murakami and the Superflat Pop Artists in Japan. An extremely interesting book on modern Japanese Art and the effects of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the after effects of WW2 on Japans culture and artwork

pere ubu 'come home'

excellent audio and visual 
i was firs introduced to pere ubu in the mid 80`s and loved their song which i hvent been able to find hat i think is called 30 seconds over tokyo which is the reference to how long the lane with the bomb for hiroshima  took flying over tokyo to its destination...wish i could find that song 

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Yes well i had to put what i could find about Chladni (1756 - 1857) after all he defined acoustics for us and inspired Hans Jenny, who in turn inspired my self and thousands of others...a bit like a sound.. he also is the first (i know of) sound artist

A Rare Cymatic Video from Hans Jenny

cymatics Part 1: You Tube

Cymatics is the basis of my work at present.(I will eventually use light, and movement.)and my last contribution to a joint class exhibition was an interactive cymatic display, which I will eventually post on here.

Its good too because it all ties in quite nicely with the Drawing class we have at the moment, the tutor is a sound artist which is really good for me and my work.

Beginning with music,performance, and now sound.

Sound is the basis of form, and movement...Chladni (C1700) and Hans Jenny(C1900)above video) did many experiments proving this.

It is also the basis of our thinking in this day and age, as was religion before WW11

Science (and physics) is the new religion,religion is the backbone of art, art is the backbone of culture and culture is us.

Sound Garden by {dpade 1337`s}

sound and light show

River of Sound