Tuesday, June 23, 2009

new wave of colonials

this is my newest work and it is only part of it, the rest of it i will be working on over the holidays..new wave of colonialism is referring to the 1993 GAT (general agreement on trades and tariff)and the legalising of private companies/ corporations and individuals to buy patent rights over all DNA on the planet including human DNA.
monsantos is one of the more reknowned companies to patent rights over seeds and there have been many courtcases monsantos has won against individual farmers in third and first world countries merely because they had the money to keep going back.

there has been debate about the ethics involved in this and more than a few of the nations involved in the world trade organisation didnt sign the agreement because it leaves the third world countries open to be exploited by first world countries


apart from the ethics involved around the ability to buy DNA and claim it as an intellectual property it is extreme arrogance! apparently at this point in time most of our DNA is already bought...
the ability to patent DNA is also called colonisation, hence the title of my installation...it is the last known bastion of colonialism,.... our essence...

fishing for faith

Monday, June 1, 2009

mapping video

i have lost visual quality while compressing video for the blogger space,so i will also make a dvd

mapping for art history year 3, Urban Beat