Thursday, February 19, 2009

year 3 sculpture proposal

My work was inspired by a conversation with a student …young max … about `intuitive’ art.
I thought deep and hard about the word `intuition’ , what it means and what it infers, and decided that intuition is merely an ability to read patterns.
Pattern reading is a tool used by us humans for as long as we have existed, and in fact by all living creatures on this planet.
Everything works in pattern…talked to young Al and he put me onto the Chaos Theory, which I have looked into online but haven’t yet read the book.
Sharks and reptiles are the oldest living creatures on the planet and shark people have also been around since our beginning. Shark people are very good at reading people and using the information they receive to their advantage.
Genetic mapping is a new weapon using an old system.
They are our blueprint. And bring up the common argument for and against , nature versus nurture.
So from all of this and my past influences with work I came up with a few works that I would like to meld together.
1. Make up to 500 sharks and have them hanging from the ceiling, different lengths. They will kinetically set each other off, made out of plaster of paris referencing the museum and their ancientness, with sound underneath…white noise, because hammerheads have very highly sensitive electro-magnetic charges that emanate from the ends of their hammers.
2. 4 girls, `real girls’ using archetypes of female sexuality and gender, life size, 1940`s pin-up(damned whores) , nun (Gods police), girl/boy (androgene), Madonna ( the new Madonna coming second)
3. Video footage of the Dna map that I have bought back.
4. Possibly a feast, with the new Madonna in the background with a halo of blood (DNA) called Dolores; lady of sorrows from the virgin mary: Nora; the bright one, honor light: Araceli; alter of heaven, based on Leonardo da Vinci`s; Man. And a human corpse made from vegetable matter as the main feast ( the Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover; Peter Greenaway)
5. A whole heap of little vials full of white stuff labelled with different animals etc called Noah`s Ark.
Looked up the General Agreement on Trades and Tariff, 1993, Intellectual Property Act, legalising the selling of patent rights on all genes of all living things including, fauna and human.
All statues will be made out of plaster of paris referencing museums, outdated archetypes and the old. Douglas Crimps book On the Museum `s Ruins was a definite influence on this work especially his chapter about Maplethorpe and homosexuality and gender which also is as old as we.also the white of the plaster infers purity and sterilty.
Len Lye has also been a major influence and while working in the Ak Art Gallery last year I was lucky enough to see his `universe' for extended periods of time, which reeally is the only way to look at art, the only way you can really get to appreciate the work.
and yes i shall be articulating this all a lot better soon,these are the ideas that have been running through my head and work over the last three months or wonder i cant sleep

drawing project with micheal morley 3rd year 2009

Project Drawing Proposal

My proposal idea is based in the String Theory and Cold Fusion.
I will knit one black and one white, metre wide and approx six metre long scarf. The scarves will be hung tightly between the floor and the ceiling. In front of each scarf, facing each other , will be two `walls’, with holes in them, where a string will come through from each scarf. The viewers job is to pull the strings together at the same time. By pulling the strings the scarves will unravel.
This work is referencing the concept of cold fusion which is based in one particle of matter and one particle of anti-matter meeting and fusing. They need to be `soul mates’ (or polar opposites,) for the fusion to work and create energy. The theory is that if this is worked out effectively the energy produced by the fusing of the particles will be able to give us power for electricity. However there is some problems possible with the outcome, namely the scientists are uncertain of the impact this will have on the anti-matter world and the matter world and according to the string theory this could be like pulling the thread from fabric and be the undoing of the anti-matter and matter world.
Anyway influences for my artwork are Len Lye, and his use of science and physics in his artwork. When I worked at the Auckland Art Gallery his work A Universe was up in the Making Worlds Exhibition. It was powered by electro- magnetic energy and worked on apparently random movement. *(the Chaos Theory) though with long periods of observation the movement did appear to have a pattern.
Other influences are Klaus (don’t know his last name) whom I met on Waiheke Island a few years back his work involved pendulums and the use of kinetic energy without using electricity. Klaus also worked at the Steiner school teaching the kids how to make their own instruments etc.
Other artists such as Sam Hamilton and James Mc Carthy , with their sound work and Annette Messager with her use of fabric and words in her artwork and Loris Geraud ` Topsy’ 2006 (telephone that talks 80`s arthouse songs to you) have influenced me.
Steven Jones, Ray Tomes

Sunday, February 15, 2009


you speak to me in lazy meadows
where mild sunlight soothes daisies and pansies
and butterflies flit throught the air

verbal floral art

and tell me you feel

when harsh sounds from stark and dry deserts move across your landscape
forming shadows in your mind
(loud colours and hot people)

you cower in your room

scared, defenceless, eclipsed

and then slide out sideways and shoot them down in righteousness(one hand on the bible and the other on the gun)and moral judgements
in the name of freedom wrapped in the colour of a bleeding heart and coated in the reflective paint of your dark, sticky fear and your armoured mirror of denial

nature IS a cruel and indiscriminate force

i move in primary colours, cover myself in black and bitter thorns
and swamp you in the darkness of my chosen silence