Wednesday, March 5, 2008

cymatics Part 1: You Tube

Cymatics is the basis of my work at present.(I will eventually use light, and movement.)and my last contribution to a joint class exhibition was an interactive cymatic display, which I will eventually post on here.

Its good too because it all ties in quite nicely with the Drawing class we have at the moment, the tutor is a sound artist which is really good for me and my work.

Beginning with music,performance, and now sound.

Sound is the basis of form, and movement...Chladni (C1700) and Hans Jenny(C1900)above video) did many experiments proving this.

It is also the basis of our thinking in this day and age, as was religion before WW11

Science (and physics) is the new religion,religion is the backbone of art, art is the backbone of culture and culture is us.

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