Wednesday, December 31, 2008

1st january 09

well well its such an interesting debate ...intellectual property rights, and what can and cant be patented..interesting that genetic maps come under intellectual property as well.. it infers that all this is merely speculation...

and then there is always jung and the mass consiousness and all that..... which from my experience is defintely true...... do we find ideas or do they find us?

i`m really glad i am doing this, people tend toward black and white on these extremely complex issues, i know how i stand and nobody should be able to buy my dna or yours... or the dna of a tomato or a pumpkin etc but i would like to be more articulate.. and i do think there is debate for protection or `ownership of' intellectual property as is complicated

the molecular structure of the earth and everything that lives on it, to me, should not be able to be patented, i think its a crime.... a legal crime....and i think its unfortunate that all of this has come about... i guess if these things were purchasable for specific reasons, and had some kind of laws around them to protect the patent purchase from profit making the circling hungry sharks that swim about would not be so keen on the food

some of the things i have read in regards to all this have made me feel very sad for the state of the nation, and the state of us especially, i would say in the west but i think its arrogant and ignorant to assume some kind of monopoly on a generic emotion such as greed.... that empty void that needs to be constantly filled

through my research i have also found it is now impossible for any of us to own all of our dna, as some of the patents for specific dna have already been bought by various companies (who i will list later)

it is also sad that people have used this as a means of exploiting other peoples work as in the case of monsanto`s...christ how does anyone get away with that shit? its outrageous... perhaps we are just spoilt with concept of rights...dumbed and dulled...its an odd thing if we just didnt buy into it would it go away? because resistance does tend to breed resistance....

and i guess in some ways this does tie into the whole ethics thing of which comes first, principles or people?
personally i would like to say people people people... but that is a hard road isnt it!? its as hard a road and part of the road of non-resistence, or should i say passive resistance...which is a very hard road....

i will also incorporate into this work passive and aggressive did with all my work for the last couple of years, the rise of science and consumerism, world war 2, nazi germany and of course ghandi... nationalism and all that.... the desire for perfection etc etc, all of these things seem to on some level meet,.... anyway sebastion and orlando would like to walk now so be off for a mo or a tick or whatever

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