Thursday, December 11, 2008

my new artwork

in 1993 the general agreement on trades and tariff made it legal to buy patents on genes of any living organism including plant life and human genes.

my new artwork involves buying back the patent for my genetic structure.

i am making this artwork as a comment on the right to patent, what we have the right to patent, and how we use these patents good and bad

it is also a comment on the new wave of colonialism and may in fact be called 'new wave of colonials'

i have already begun my artwork by copyrighting the idea to patent my genes as an artwork.

after this agreement was signed the skeptics started railroading natural medicine and various drug companies were vying for position to buy the patent rights of herbs and plants such as valerian (which is what valium is derived from)

there were also conversations about companies buying up the patent rights over plants that have been grown for hundreds of years in small villages in third world countries and then making the villagers pay tax for using the seeds.

there will be more information coming

my blog space will be used as my diary soooo..... here it comes:)
it is a direct stab at those shark like people who dont have any ideas of their own... so they take other peoples..... you know who you are.......

(Dark laughter)....

hungry ghosts

or is it?

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