Wednesday, January 14, 2009

patterns patterns patterns

hi it was suggested to me the other month that my artwork was intuitive....this really did get me thinking...hmmm what is intuition?
so my new theory is that intuition is merely the ability to read is computor programming, music, mathematics, nature, shamanism (for want of a better word) etc anyway t was kindof an epiphany that left me with the feeling i`d just found god for y`know a couple of weeks...started to come down now :)...the most exciting part of it was a computor geek friend of mine had had a very similar conclusion...dont you love that.....walking in to or breathing in that same idea
anyway thats my moment has actually all broadened and expanded and suspect that autistic people are possibly extremely good pattern readers, and there is a wee bit of stuff behind that but i wont go into at this point... not enough research etc....
the real trick i think to pattern reading...or a sign of an advanced pattern reader is the ability to preconcieve the random event or supposedly random event...anyway anyway am getting titles `where the hammerheads feed' ` a new wave of colonials (with a kernal of truth) and kernals, colonels, and colonials (and the truth inbetween)

and one last question... and in fact he most poignant of questions; in regards to the patnt and copyright issues around dna and genes.. will vampyres be taxed for sucking blood?, will they tax us for sucking our blood or are they just plain taxing :) byeee

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